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Director Hospitality Advisory Services at EHL Advisory Services

Pierre VerbekePierre Verbeke, Director Hospitality Advisory Services at EHL Advisory Services.

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Is Housekeeping Moving From The Back To The Front Of The House?

I totally agree that housekeepers should walk tall and proud during this time. At LUXXE, we celebrate our "Hygiene Heroes" and they all wear a badge so guests and management are intrigued to ask them "what is a Hygiene Hero?" The staff member can then proceed to explain that they have been elected to this role by their peers and they are given special training and paid a higher hourly rate to take on the added responsibility of ensuring the Housekeeping Department is compliant and that COVID safe cleaning methodologies are being upheld at all times.

The Impact Of Cleaning Protocols On The Hospitality Industry

Big hotel names such as Hilton, Marriott, Accor and Kempinsky have issued new initiatives concerning hotel cleaning and hygiene. While they are bringing safety and peace of mind to customers and staff alike, they also are also giving the impression of putting forward short-term answers to the COVID-19 problem.

Hotel Industry Trends: The Near Future Report

What might the hotel industry expect over the coming months? We do not have a crystal ball, however there is enough data available that reveal hotel trends based on economic relationships.

7 Signs You Need Help With Your Business Guest Experience

When you're in the hospitality business, you can't afford to allow even one guest to have a poor guest experience. As savvy business owners know, one bad review can cascade into a waterfall of negative online commentary about your business.

Further Insights on What Hoteliers Can Do to Prepare for COVID-19 Recovery

In the previous article, I mentioned some thoughts on the position of hoteliers and restaurateurs in regards to this unprecedented crisis that the industry is facing. Now is the time to prepare and start some of the activities and conversations that might help for when things are picking up again.
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